44 Players (Or Less) Advance to Day 2 Via Day 1b

Level 11: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 91/291

Players are back from the dinner break and the final Day 1b field has been closed with 291 entries to bring the total up to 468 entries when taking into account the 177 entries during yesterday’s Day 1a. There are still four flights remaining over the course of the next three days, meaning the €300,000 guarantee slapped on the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition €550 Grand Event will be smashed tomorrow.

Day 1b is scheduled to conclude when just 44 players (15 percent of 291 entries) remain from the 91 to take their seats after the dinner break. It is possible this figure will be lower if multiple players hit the rail on the end-of-the-day bubble. If it is exactly 44 entries, this will bring the total survivors into Day 2 up to 71 entries when factoring in the 27 Day 1a survivors.

Those finding a bag tonight will walk into Day 2 with already a €900 min-cash locked up that they can collect at the payout desk at the end of the night.

Best of luck to all of the Day 1b players in advancing to Day 2 and beyond at the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition.

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