Hollywooding Can Be Profitable and Fun

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 247/306

There was more than 10,000 in the pot with the seven-five-five flop when both Serdar Demircan and Arnaud Barthel checked. Dost Gharbie bet 3,000 and this is where all the fun began.

Demircan put his sunglasses on as he typically does whenever he plays a hand and began his usual Hollywood talk before he pumped it up to 6,000. Barthel jacked it up with a four-bet to 16,000. Ghrabie called before Demircan four-bet to 40,000. Barthel got out of the way and Gharbie tanked.

“Ace-seven?” asked Ghrabie.

“Ace-seven is good,” shared Demircan.

Ghrabie eventually called to see the jack on the turn. Demircan jammed for about 45,000 and Ghrabie tanked again. Demircan was back to his usual table talk before Ghrabie eventually called with just a big blind behind if he lost the hand.

Dost Ghrabie: Pocket Eights
Serdar Demircan: Pocket Sevens

Demircan was in amazing shape with his full house. Ghrabie was unable to get his two-outer and was down to one big blind. He managed to double this up once but shortly after hit the rail.

“I was only calling against him at this table,” Ghrabie said after the hand.

It was a fun hand and more importantly a great start for Demircan who we have seen many times before as he is at all the big events at Portomaso Casino.

Serdar Demircan – 240,000
Dost Ghrabie – 0

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