Pinto Loses His Stack to Roberts on a Rollercoaster Ride of a Hand

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 208/1,226

Michael Pinto began today with one of the bigger stacks in play with 374,000 in chips. He was down to about 15 big blinds when he lost the rest on a roller coaster of a hand against Scott Roberts.

Roberts opened for 13,000 before Pinto jammed for about 80,000. Roberts called and the cards were turned over.

Michael Pinto: AK
Scott Roberts: QQ

It was looking good for Pinto to double after he pulled out ahead with trips on the AA2 flop. Pinto was still ahead on 5 turn. However, the Q came raining down on the river to destroy the rest of Pinto’s stack.

Meanwhile, Roberts was north of half a million chips after the hand.

Scott Roberts – 525,000
Michael Pinto – 0

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