Hegyi Wins the Battle of Unibet Qualifiers

Level 25: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 28/1,226

Sengphet La opened for 160,000 from the lojack and was called by Jozsef Hegyi from the hijack. Michal Kulesza three-bet jammed for slightly less than 1 million. La folded and Hegyi called to bring a showdown between two players who qualified online at Unibet Poker for a MPF package.

I shared this information with Unibet DeepStack Open founder Alex Henry.

“Yes!” said Henry. “They both actually qualified in the same satellite.”

Michal Kulesza: AJ
Jozsef Hegyi: AK

Hegyi’s big slick held on the 698Q6 board to eliminate fellow qualifier Kulesza.

Jozsef Hegyi – 3.8 million
Michal Kulesza – 0

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