Said Felts Da Silva and Gavurnik with Queens

Level 28: 80,000/160,000 (160,000)
Entries: 13/1,226

Chris Da Silva opened for 1 million with about 100,000 behind from the cutoff. Michal Gavurnik jammed for about 2 million from the button. Oliver Said had both players covered and came in over the top.

Da Silva paused for a couple of minutes before he called off for the rest of his stack.

Chris Da Silva: A9
Michal Gavurnik: A10
Oliver Said: QQ

“Yes,” Said quietly said after he improved to a set on the 8QK flop.

Said had both of his opponents drawing dead after further improving to a full house on the 8 turn and eliminated both players after the 8 river completed the board.

Oliver Said – 6 million
Chris Da Silva – 0
Michael Gavurnik – 0

Chris Da Silva

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