Saltalamacchia Wins Four-Way Pot

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 170/179

Stig Eketrapp opened for 700 from the cutoff before Seamus Doherty three-bet to 1,900 from the button. Christian Saltalamacchia and Arnasalon Chengalanee called from the blinds before Eketrapp called to complete the preflop action.

All four players checked the 3910 flop. Saltalamacchia and Chengalanee both checked the 5 turn before Eketrapp fired out for 4,500. Doherty quickly folded before the other two players called to see the 6 river.

Saltalamacchia fired out for 8,000. Chengalanee went into the tank for about 30 seconds before he let go of his hand as well for Saltamacchia to win a decent-sized pot.

Meanwhile, Paolo Rando and Kelly Gall were the latest players to head to the rail before the first break.

Christian Saltalamacchia – 65,000
Seamus Doherty – 50,000
Stig Eketrapp – 45,000
Arnasalon Chengalanee – 40,000
Kelly Gall – 0
Paolo Rando – 0

Christian Saltamacchia

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