“Albert is Destroying Me”

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 173/183

Jonathan Schuman and Albert Sapiano are on an action table that always seems to have chips in the pot whenever we walk by.

“Albert is destroying me,” Schuman said to the table and us after the following hand.

Sapiano checked the 9JA flop. Schuman fired out for 4,500 into a pot of around 14,000. Gaetano Brignone folded and Sapiano called. The 10 turn and 5 river were quickly checked down.

“You have me beat,” said Schuman. “I have eights.”

Sapiano turned over the J7 to win the hand.

“What an Albert hand,” Schuman said.

“The problem is, I have two more chances today,” Sapiano said referring to how he likes to do his best to build a big stack regardless of the cost.

“We all do,” Schuman replied.

A bit more friendly banter between the two players that have played often together in the United Kingdom took place before Schuman had one more remark as we were leaving the table.

“Albert is destroying me,” Schuman shared. “Put that in the blog.”

Schuman’s wish is our command and we wish both him and the rest of the table the best of luck.

Albert Sapiano – 90,000
Gaetano Brignone – 65,000
Jonathan Schuman – 40,000

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