“Apologies” as Coffin Sends Two Out

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 202/337

Lewis Coffin opened from early position before Bat Levi jammed for 33,500. Gary Whitehead only had 5,000 going into the hand. This went into the pot before Coffin asked for a count of Levi’s stack. He paused for about 10 more seconds before he called.

Gary Whitehead: J8
Bat Levi: KK
Lewis Coffin: Q10

Levi was ahead but fell behind after Coffin improved to top two pair on the Q410 flop.

“A nine would be good,” Whitehead quietly said while Levi remained stoically quiet.

Coffin’s flopped two pair wound up being enough with the blank 7 turn and 8 river completing the board to eliminate two players.

“Apologies,” Coffin said to Levi about cracking her cowboys.

“Good game, everyone,” said Levi on her way to the exit.

Lewis Coffin – 160,000
Bat Levi – 0
Gary Whitehead – 0

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