Azzopardi Picks Off Iacob

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 134/137

Andrew Assopardi bet 2,000 into a pot of more than double that with the [6h][kd][3d][2c][5c] on the board after the river. The action paused on Mitica-Alexandru Iacob before he raised to 12,000.

Assopardi tanked for a couple of minutes before he tossed in a single chip to call. Iacob tapped the table expressing a nice call after he turned over [td][7d] for a bricked flush draw. Assopardi called with [ks][qh] and won the pot with the top pair.

Andrew Assopardi – 60,000
Iacob Mitica-Alexandru – 27,000

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