Belsky “Running Bad” With Quad Queens in the Ladies First!

The ladies are having fun in the €150 Ladies First! event and the field has already grown to 57 entries with 52 players remaining. We walked by while one fun hand was taking place.

Franky Green was down to just crumbs in her stack. She jammed them in and was up against Ilana Belsky.

Franky Green: AJ
Ilana Belsky: QQ

“Don’t worry,” Belsky said to Green. “I’m running pretty bad.”

The table erupted with laughter when Belsky improved to quad queens on the 8QQ flop and won the hand after the 3 turn and 6 river completed the board.

Green left the table soon after to re-enter while the table was still enjoying talking about that hand.

A few were laughing at Belsky’s “running bad” comments from before.

“It’s still running bad as she didn’t have more chips,” Belsky said with a smile.

Ilana Belsky

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