Big Slick Good for Hanstvedt

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 129/1,444

There has been lots of action on Table 6. First, Chris Read doubled a short stack when she three-bet jammed a king-high flop with two hearts against Unibet Poker qualifier William Johnstone. Johnstone had a king but didn’t improve to two pair or more to get ahead with the board eventually reading the K9Q5Q.

Shortly after, fireworks erupted. Kjetil Hanstvedt had his stack of 480,000 committed, John Madden had his 135,000 stack committed with William Johnstone yet to action and already part of some of the action. Johnstone deliberated for a couple of minutes before he called.

John Madden: AJ
Kjetil Hanstvedt: AK
William Johnstone: AQ

Hanstvedt was ahead and stayed that way on the 685. However, the J turn pushed Madded on top for a potential triple-up with Hanstvedt still ahead in the side pot.

The K river was certainly a card Hanstvedt wanted to see as this gave him the entire kit and kaboodle as he ousted Madden and doubled through Johnstone.

Kjetil Hanstvedt – 1,200,000
William Johnstone – 350,000
John Madden – 0

William Johnstone deciding on calling with ace-queen against Kjetil Hanstvedt

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