Brazdzionis Wins Massive Pot Against Furneri With Kings vs. Queens

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 21/1,226

Alessandro Furneri opened for 200,000. Martynas Brazdzionis three-bet to 750,000 and Furneri jammed for about 4 million. Brazdzionis snap-called his stack of 3.2 million and the cards were turned over.

Martynas Brazdzionis: KK
Alessandro Furneri: QQ

Furneri just got done rebuilding his stack after being down to a handful of big blinds. He will have to try again as his queens didn’t pull ahead of cowboys on the 486A3 board. Meanwhile, Brazdionis won the biggest pot of the tournament thus far.

Shortly after, Brazdionis extended his chip lead after he eliminated Serguei Skrypnikov Laviolle to leave just 21 players remaining.

Martynas Brazdzionis – 9 million
Alessandro Furneri – 700,000
Serguei Skrypnikov Laviolle – 0

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