Category Day 1F/G

Final Day 1g Chip Counts

A total of 26 players survived from the 112-entry Day 1g field to bring the total to 361 players to start Day 2 of the Grand Event. Check out the Day 1g chip counts below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Karl-Heinz Metz556,000111
Paiman Sakhi501,000100
Dario Sorrenti453,00091
Junyu Liu416,00083
Dimitrios Panagopoulos340,00068
Fabian Bartuschk317,00063
Massimo Scaletta251,00050
Per Helge Gaassand245,00049
Jeppe Bisgaard240,00048
Gianpiero Barrile207,00041
Vincent Keen192,00038
Kaspar Schmid190,00038
Marko Majic182,00036
Bengt Hallner173,00035
Raijmond Slabbekoorn173,00035
Babak Movazzafi156,00031
Fotios Ntamaris149,00030
Ann-Roos Callens139,00028
Calogero Rubino118,00024
Romain Nardin114,00023
Domenic Gilbert106,00021
Frank Robotka95,00019
Agostino Catanese74,00015
Arthur Navellou74,00015
Francesco Gisolfi61,00012
Alfio Previti50,10010

New Grand Event Record Set!

Late registration is now closed for the Grand Event with 112 entries battling it out in the last chance Turbo Day 1g flight.

This brings the grand total of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event powered by Unibet DeepStack Open to 1,444 entries to generate a €693,120 prize pool for a new Grand Event record!

A total of 27 players are scheduled to advance but this could be less if more than one player hit the rail on the final hand of action. If this is the case, we will have a massive field of 362 players competing at the start of Day 2 which was pushed back from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Fabio Stefanini doing a fantastic job running the MPF Grand Event

Day 1f Chip Counts

Day 1f of the Grand Event powered by the Unibet DeepStack Open attracted 98 entries to bring the total field up to 1,322 entries. The €500,000 guarantee was blown away with the prize pool currently at €639,360 and counting with still tomorrow morning’s final flight in the turbo Day 1g adding further to the prize pool starting when the action begins on Sunday at 10 a.m.

Tonny Krijn had a day to remember as he bagged 785,000 in Day 1f to lead the 23 survivors. Marko Costic also bagged an impressive 617,000 with a significant gap between these two players and the rest of the survivors.

Day 2 already has 335 players in their seats when the action begins at 4 p.m. (or later if Day 1g runs late). See you tomorrow and in the meantime, check out all of the Day 1f chip counts below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Tonny Krijn785,000157
Marko Cosic617,000123
Martin Ganchev356,00071
Xavier Zuczkowski292,00058
Dorian Hem268,00054
Marvin Dubau241,00048
Tarique Imam215,00043
Alessandro La Cava203,00041
Andrea Agnoletto179,00036
Sebastian Gruszczynski173,00035
Andrea Melluzzo173,00035
Jiany Lu163,00033
Todor Petkov158,00032
Pierre Azzopardi153,00031
William Kassouf151,00030
Luigi D’Alterio121,00024
Melke Ilgun118,00024
Mark Vella109,00022
Michel Glansberg107,00021
Andrew Murphy100,00020
Biagio Sereno100,00020
Erik Hamre95,00019
Florian Ribouchon91,00018

24 Players to Advance from Day 1f

Late registration is closed for Day 1f with the field attracting 98 entries with 67 players remaining. As this flight and the one tomorrow morning works a little differently, just 23 players (or less if multiple players hit the rail on the bubble) will advance to Day 2 from Day 1f.

The way this was determined was that 24% of the entries that battled during the first four opening flights advanced to tomorrow’s Day 2. This same 24% will be applied not only to the Day 1f field but also the Day 1g field rather than playing a certain number of levels.

Best of luck to all of the Saturday evening Day 1f players in their quest for MPF Grand Event glory.

MPF Grand Event Day 1f

“Nine-High Like a Boss”

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 44/45

While we won’t be covering much from the Day 1f field, we did notice a hand on our way back from the Day 1e dinner break.

Marcello Favaloro fired out for 18,000 into a pot of a bit more with the 8776 on the board after the turn. William Kassouf jammed for 38,500 and Favaloro snap-called.

“Nine-high like a boss,” Kassouf said with a little more pep in his step than earlier today.

William Kassouf: 94
Marcello Favaloro: JJ

Favaloro still had thin hope for a better flush. However, he bricked the 5 river and was down to fumes after doubling up Kassouf. Favaloro dusted off his crumbs the next hand and was the first player out of the Day 1f field.

William Kassouf – 100,000
Marcello Favaloro – 0

William Kassouf wins with nine-high (for a flush) like a boss.

Day 1f Begins

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 26/26

Day 1f kicked off at 9 p.m. with a starting field of 26 entries.

There is one major rule difference for Day 1f and tomorrow’s Day 1g as both turbo flights will play down to 24 percent of the field rather than the 13 blind levels the first five opening flights boasted. This figure is based on the average of survivors from the Day 1a through Day 1d fields.

William Kassouf, Brian Calleja, Rune Espedal, Kieran Price, and Kaspar Schid are among the players in action in tonight’s turbo affair.

Best of luck to all of the players in Day 1f!