“Check in the Dark”

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 118/119

Table 10 has provided a lot of the action early on. Not only was the first elimination there but seems like there is a pot brewing every time we walk past that table.

Lisa Roberts traveled out with her husband Scott from the United States is at the table but hasn’t been involved in much of the action. That is left to the likes of Albert Sapiano, Regilio Vrede, Noel Studer, Robrecht Winterink, and others.

We have seen Sapiano at many stops around the world, including one recently at the Hippodrome in London where he was busy battling it out in the Mega Series. We have gotten to enjoy his style of play as a reporter as action usually follows.

In a recent hand, Sapiano fired out for 1,500 into a pot of more than 2,000 with the [qh][5s][3d] on the flop and Winterink called. Sapiano again bet 1,500 on the [kd] turn and Winterink called again.

“Check in the dark,” Sapiano said before the [9h] river completed the board. Winterink checked back and won the hand when his [tc][ts] was good against Sapiano’s [tc][ts.

Robrecht Winterink – 100,000
Albert Sapiano – 45,000

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