Chrysi’s Rockets Good Against Kolarki’s Ladies

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 243/275

Tomas Kolarki checked the 2J3 flop. Phiniotis Chrysi bet 8,400 into a pot of around 15,000. Kolarki jammed for more than the 33,600 that Chrysi had in her stack. Chrysi snap-called and was miles ahead.

“Set of threes?” guessed Kolarki.

Chrysi’s hand wasn’t as good as that but still good none the less as the cards were flipped over.

Phiniotis Chrysi: AA
Tomas Kolarki: QQ

The 10 was dealt on the turn followed by the A river which further improved Chrysi to a set of aces to double her stack.

Phiniotis Chrysi – 85,000
Tomas Kolarki – 22,000

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