Collins Ousts Sapiano

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 178/222

Albert Sapiano lost his first bullet today early on despite having more than double the starting stack early today. He now just lost his second bullet in a pot that James Clarke thought would be chopped by him and Christopher Collins.

Sapiano jammed for about 10,000 into a pot of around 15,000 with the K1096 on the board after the turn. Collins jammed over the top for about 20,000 and Clarke, who had both players covered, made the call.

Albert Sapiano: K5
James Clarke: KQ
Christopher Collins: KQ

Sapiano needed a five and Clarke needed to fade club, which he didn’t realize at the time. Sapiano got out of his chair, presumably to get back in with his maximum third bullet of Day 1b, after the 9 river completed the board.

Clarke assumed at this point the pot would be split. He was quickly corrected and apologized to Collins.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see the flush,” Clarke said.

Despite not chopping up Sapiano’s chips with Collins, Clarke is still in decent shape early on Day 1b.

James Clarke – 100,000
Christopher Collins – 85,000
Albert Sapiano – 0

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