Cowboys Beat Fish Hooks for Rawal

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 159/159

Franck Meucci limped from early position before Simon Dunevein raised to 700 from the hijack. Manish Rawal three-bet the button to 2,700 and Meucci folded. Dunevein four-bet to 7,700 and Rawal called.

Dunevein continued for 8,000 on the 453 flop. Rawal called and both players checked the Q turn. Dunevein bet 7,000 after the 5 river completed the board.

Dunevein turned over JJ. Rawal had something better and turned over KK to take down the pot.

Manish Rawal – 75,000
Simon Dunevein – 25,000

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