Cowboys for Waud

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 177/195

George Waud fired out for about half the pot with a bet of 5,500 with the 257108 on the board after the river. Matthew Adams went into the tank for a short time before he called.

Waud turned over the KK and was awarded the pot after Adams mucked.

Meanwhile, Dost Ghrabie was also at that table. He quickly said hi as I just covered a deep run of his when he took runner-up in the Mega Series Main Event for £22,347. We mention this event as he shared he also won a package to the Malta Poker Festival as part of his award for winning a promotion that took place during that event.

Ghrabie is making the most of it early on here on Day 1b at Portomaso Casino and has one of the bigger stacks in the room with about 180,000.

Meanwhile, in other news, more fireworks took place at Albert Sapiano’s table. He doubled up Jonathan Schuman when Schuman’s tens were good on a board with no cards higher than his pair on the board. Sapiano is never afraid to re-enter so if he blows through the rest of his chips, we can expect to see him back in the Day 1b field.

Dost Ghrabie – 180,000
Jonathan Schuman – 85,000
George Waud – 70,000
Matthew Adams – 65,000
Albert Sapiano – 22,000

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