Cowboys Good for Bametz

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 143/204

Wouter Schuurbiers
Wouter Schuurbiers playing HORSE last night

Wouter Schuurbiers (pictured above) used to live in Malta. He moved back to his home country of Belgium at the end of last year. He decided he didn’t want to miss the Malta Poker Festival and after bubbling last night’s horse event he is in action hoping to advance to Day 2 through today’s Day 1a field.

Things haven’t gotten off to a great start for Schuurbiers as he is down to 29,000 in chips. A lot was lost in the following hand that Schuurbiers was nice enough to take us through from the beginning.

Schuurbiers opened for 3,000 from middle position and was called by Jeremy Bametz from one seat over before Thomas Lowter opted to defend his big blind.

Lowter checked the J52 flop. Schuurbiers continued for 5,500 and was called by both Bametz and Lowter to see the 4 turn. Both Lowter and Schuurbiers checked. Bametz became the aggressor with a bet of 10,000. Lowter called his stack off of 6,500 and Schuurbiers opted to call as well.

The 7 river completed the board. Schuurbiers checked. Bametz bet 7,000 and Schuurbiers opted not to put any more chips in the pot.

Lowter turned over the 43 for a missed open-ended straight draw. This was basically the nut low on the board meaning any hand would beat it. Bametz didn’t turn over just any hand as he was likely ahead the entire way through with his KK.

Jeremy Bametz – 105,000
Wouter Schuurbiers – 29,000
Thomas Lowter – 0

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