Early Wheel for Jensen

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 139/139

While pots have mostly been small in the early going, an early pot developed on Table 18 in a hand between Robert Teunissen and Jan Jensen.

There was already around 10,000 in the pot with the 5273A on the board when Robert Teunissen check-called a bet of 6,600 by Jensen.

Teunissen turned over A2 for a rivered two pair. However, the river also gave Jensen a wheel as he turned over 44 to win the hand.

Also seated at Table 18 are Petter Redemo, Luke Pace, Jean-Pierre Menant, Cedric Offner, and Karin Gerritsen.

Jan Jensen – 60,000
Robert Teunissen – 40,000

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