Evy Albrigtsen Hanging by a Thread

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 130/1,460

The Norwegian poker couple Ronny and Evy Albrigtsen are both still in action. Ronny is still a chip millionaire while Evy was low on chips.

“Everyone fold,” Evy said with about a starting stack behind from the big blind as the cards were being dealt.

Everyone listened except Ivan Furniet Martinez who jammed the button. Dario Filippelli was nowhere to be found in his seat and for Albrigtsen looked down at her cards before she called.

Evy Albrigtsen: Q10
Ivan Furniet Martinez: 76

Albrigtsen’s queen-ten held on the K3844 runout to double her stack.

“Hanging by a thread,” Albrigtsen said with a smile.

Ivan Furniet Martinez – 400,000
Evy Albrightsen – 150,000

Evy Albrigtsen

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