Footballer Regilio Vrede Bubbles Grand Event

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 151/1,226

Former footballer Regilio Vrede just bubbled the Grand Event on a cooler. Vrede jammed for 90,000 into a pot of around the same with the 4QJ on the flop and was called by Michal Gavurnik.

The action paused for about three minutes while hands at other tables played out. After that, a big crowd surround the table and the cards were turned over.

Regilio Vrede: AQ
Michal Gavurnik: K10

Vrede was ahead but Gavurnik had many outs to a better pair or to complete an open-ended straight draw. The 10 added more possible outs for Gavurnik with one card to come.

The tournament arena erupted with applause after the 9 river completed the board to complete a straight for Gavurnik.

Unlucky for Vrede but he will have a chance to make up for it with the last nine players to hit the rail before the bubble flipping for a Winamax Marrakech package valued at approximately €2,500.

This author has attended Winamax events in the past at Marrakech, and that isn’t one to miss.

Michal Gavurnik – 1 million
Regilio Vrede – 0

**We will update with a bubble photo shortly.**

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