Four Card Fun

The €250 PLO Knight Crusaders kicked off on the center stage and thus far has been popular with already 88 entries in the mix.

Antoine Degiorgio, Allan Arjut, Rolf Bechstrom, Alexander Burton, Sophie Clarke, Joseph Grech, Thomas Harnes, and Maximilian Damm are among the faces we noticed in the field.

Damm apparently came straight off some bragging rights as he won five foosball games in a row in the lobby. MPF founder Ivonne Montealegre even tried to unseed the “King of Foosball” but to no avail. If Damm can win as many flips as he did foosball matches, he will certainly run deep.

Best of luck to Damm and all of the Knight Crusaders!

End-boss Andrea keeping the action smooth as always

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