Gatt Got Some Chips From Infantino

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 158/160

Alain Monluc opened for 500 from under the gun and was called by Daniel Gatt from one seat over. The action folded around to Paolo Infantino who three-bet to 1,700 from the big blind. Monluc and Gatt quickly called to see the 4A2 flop.

Infantino continued for 1,700 and both Monluc and Gatt quickly called. More action came on the 6 turn with Infantino firing another barrel for 3,100. Monluc folded before Gatt called to see the Q river.

Both players checked. Infantino turned over the 1010. This was a better hand than Gatt before the flop but Gatt connected with his ace and won the hand with A3.

Meanwhile, we had a quick chat with another player at the table in Gregor Larsson, who won a seat in last night’s qualifier and is in Day 1d for just €70 instead of the usual price of €550.

In other news, Dean Perry was the second player to hit the rail on Day 1d. Both Perry and the first player out in Alexander Sokolovsky already re-enter for the second Day 1d bullet.

Daniel Gatt – 65,000
Gregor Larsson – 65,000
Alain Monluc – 55,000
Dean Perry – 50,000
Alexander Sokolovsky – 50,000
Paolo Infantino – 42,500

Alain Monluc & Daniel Gatt

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