Grech Wins Battle of Locals Against Arnsby

Level 9: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 124/289

Joseph Grech and Unibet’s Kat Arnsby are both integral members of the vibrant poker community in Malta. The duo just got tangled up in the following hand.

Both players checked the 768 flop before Grech checked again on the J turn. Arnsby jammed and Grech called off a pot-sized bet for his stack of 15,000.

Joseph Grech: KJ
Kat Arnsby: Q6

Arnsby was ahead on the flop but was far behind on the turn. No love came for Arnsby on the A river and effectively Grech and Arnsby swapped stacks.

Joseph Grech – 45,000
Kat Arnsby – 25,000

Joseph Grech & Kat Arnsby

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