Groedum Doubles With Big Slick

Level 22: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 44/1,226

Head of Poker at the Betsson Group Jostein Groedum is alive and well. In fact, he just doubled up to 2 million while leaving Erik Lindqwist with dust in his stack.

Lindqwest four-bet jammed for 940,000 from the hijack and Groedum called off his stack of 925,000 from the button.

Jostein Groedum: AK
Erik Lindqwist: 88

Groedum won the flip after both his king and ace connected on the KJ3A5 board to leave Lindqwist with just a few chips.

Jostein Groedum – 2,050,000
Erik Lindqwist – 15,000

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