Hanstvedt Back on Top

Level 31: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 6/1,444

The action slowed down quite a bit with many players taking a bit more time than they were before. That combined with no real action led to a temporarily lull in the action which is common at most deepstacked final tables.

2023 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition Grand Event fifth-place winner Kjetil Hanstvedt regained the lead in a small three-way pot. Georgios Zachmanidis min-raised the button and was called by Hanstvedt from the small blind and Arthur Navellou from the big blind.

Two players checked the 229 flop. Zachmanidis bet 600,000 and both his opponents called. Both the 8 turn and Q river were checked down.

Hanstvedt turned over the A9. Navellou flashed the 9 but mucked the rest of his hand. Zachmanidis mucked as well and Hanstvedt was back with a small chip lead over Navellou.

Kjetil Hanstvedt – 21 million
Arthur Navellou – 20 million
Georgios Zachmanidis – 10 million

Kjetil Hanstvedt

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