High Roller Final Day Seat Draw

The €1,100 High Roller attracted 88 entries on its opening day for a €84,480 prize pool. These figures will grow more as late registration will remain open for the first two blind levels of Day 2.

Luigi D’Alterio leads the way with 189,500 in chips. Check out the final day seat draw along with their chip counts below:

11Luca Beretta41,00021
12Sylvere Paillot131,00066
13Lanh Van Bui41,00021
14Garry Spinks41,00021
15Henri Piironen39,00020
16Koen Meutstege39,50020
17Vanessa Webley59,50030
21Nuno Oliveira80,00040
22Tomasz Brzezinski92,00046
24Rami Awad98,00049
25Xavier Zuczkowski66,00033
26Joshua Stewart104,00052
27Richard Williamson118,00059
31Samuel Tebege51,00026
33Arnoud Capellen101,50051
34Biagio Sereno59,00030
36Oliver Molyneaux114,00057
37Jason Riley66,00033
38Giuseppe Gallo18,0009
41Steinar Utland124,00062
42Yvonne Horning100,00050
43Luigi D’Alterio196,50098
44Robert Sampat36,00018
46Jasper van Moorsel27,00014
48Nicolas Broudic28,00014
51Patrick Thurner12,5006
52Manuel Blaschke87,00044
54Mehdi Rebai22,50011
55Alex Montgomery40,00020
56Martin Wolff70,00035
58Kristian Dahl75,00038
62Konstantinos Chionidis139,00070
64Rolands Norietis138,00069
65Christina Read47,00024
66Maxime Chilaud14,5007
67Alexandre Jourdain89,50045
68Petter Redemo43,00022

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