Horse 5 game mix – hosted by Martin Smith

HORSE is a popular poker game that is a variant of the traditional game of poker. In HORSE, players play five different poker variants, which are:

  1. Hold’em: A popular variant of poker, where players are dealt two cards and use five community cards to make the best possible hand.
  2. Omaha Hi/Lo: Similar to Hold’em, but players are dealt four cards and must use two of them in combination with three community cards to make the best possible hand. In Omaha Hi/Lo, the pot is split between the player with the best high hand and the player with the best low hand.
  3. Razz: A lowball variant of poker where the goal is to make the lowest possible five-card hand, out of a total of 7 cards they are dealt. Straights and flushes do not count against the player in Razz.
  4. Seven-Card Stud: Players are dealt seven cards and must make the best possible five-card hand.
  5. Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo: Similar to Seven-Card Stud, but like in Omaha Hi/Lo, the pot is split between the player with the best high hand and the player with the best low hand.

In HORSE, the game rotates between these five variants, with each game being played for a set period of time before moving on to the next variant. This allows players to showcase their skills in multiple variants of poker.

HORSE is often played in high-stakes cash games and tournaments, and it requires a great deal of skill and strategy to succeed.

Martin Smith will be the host of the event. He will be playing it himself. Martin Smith is a professional poker player and coach who is known for his expertise in mixed games, including HORSE 8 (a variant of HORSE that includes 8 different games) and other mixed game formats.

Smith has authored several articles and strategy guides on mixed games, including “Pot Limit Sviten Special”, which is considered one of the most comprehensive resources on the subject. In this guide, Smith covers a wide range of topics, including the basic rules and strategies for each of the games in a mixed game format, as well as advanced tactics for playing different game combinations and adjusting your strategy based on your opponents’ tendencies. He has been interviewed for several articles on mixed games, and co-host the podcast “Poker: All the Games”.

He has also competed in numerous medium-stakes mixed game tournaments and cash games, and has achieved significant success in these formats.

Overall, Martin Smith is a respected authority on mixed games in the poker world, and his knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to many players looking to improve their skills in this challenging and complex format.

For The Malta Poker Festival HORSE hosted by Martin Smith there will be 4 bounties. Players that knock out the bounties will get an autographed book by Chris “Fox” Wallace.

Chris “Fox” Wallace’s book, “HORSE Poker: A Complete Guide to HORSE Poker and Tournaments,” is a comprehensive guide to the HORSE poker game. The book is intended for intermediate to advanced players who are already familiar with the basic rules and strategies of the individual poker variants that make up the HORSE game.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section covers the basics of the game, including an introduction to each of the five poker variants that make up HORSE, as well as general strategy tips for playing in a HORSE game.

The second section of the book is focused on tournament play. This section covers topics such as how to adjust your strategy for different stages of a tournament, how to read your opponents, and how to manage your bankroll.

Throughout the book, Wallace provides detailed hand examples and analysis, as well as tips and tricks for winning at HORSE. The book is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style and is filled with practical advice that can be applied to both cash games and tournaments.

Also, the Champion of the HORSE hosted by Martin Smith tournament will get a limited edition MPF hoodie and a trophy.

To buy-in online and reserve a seat you can do so: Malta Poker Festival Spring 2023 – Malta Poker Festival |

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