Hot Start for Cicekdemir

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 169/170

Ertan Cicekdemir is off to a hot start with 130,000 in chips. He just added the recent batch of chips to his stack in the following hand.

Cicekdemir opened to 500 from early position and was called by Daniele Ticconi from one seat over. Raymond Galea three-bet to 1,600 from the small blind and both Cicekdemir and Ticconi called.

Galea led out for a min-bet of 200 on the 3103 flop and both players called. The 7 turn was checked around. Galea bet 2,200 on the 8 river. Cicekdemir called and Ticconi folded. Galea turned over the 76. his paired-up seven wasn’t good enough as Cicekdemir had one pair better to win the hand after showing his J8.

Ertan Cicekdemir – 130,000
Raymond Galea – 45,000
Daniele Ticconi – 30,000

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