Hypno Poker Workshop


Hypno Poker Session - Malta Poker Festival Autumn 2022

DATE: Tuesday, 25th October 2022
LOCATION: Hilton Conference Room, St Julian’s, Malta
COST: 100 Euros
DURATION: 2 hours

A hypnotic workshop designed to develop the ultimate poker mindset. You will learn how to overcome the unseen obstacles that get in the way of your game, and use strategies that enhance your performance.

• Learn how to ensure you are razor sharp and focused before you sit down at the table.
• Install subconscious “anchors” to control your emotional state during the game.
• Overcome downswings and bad beats.

This workshop is a chance of a lifetime to step inside your super-powerful subconscious mind and go on a phenomenal journey.

Hypno Poker will show you how to construct a customized pre-game ritual to help you be hyper-focused before and during play.

These special hypnotic techniques have been refined over years of working with players, which you can use to set you up for success, get you in the zone, and help you achieve peak performance.

These principles will help you will also enhance your life outside of poker. It is an opportunity to raise your game and apply the techniques to other areas of your life.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the “Last Longer competition” – the chance of winning a block of four one-to-one Hypno Poker sessions by being the last delegate standing in the Main Event.

For more information on Hypno Poker, see www.hypnopoker.co.uk

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