“I had to go for it”

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 161/260

Mattia Festia opened for 2,500 and was called by Jeoffrey Duytschaever before Guts Poker’s Jonathan Briscoe White three-bet to 10,500. Festiva jacked it up to 23,500. Dutschaever folded before White five-bet jammed for 60,800. Festia called and the cards were turned over.

Jonathan Briscoe White: 1010
Mattia Festia: AK

“I thought you might have had that,” White said. “I had to go for it.”

White’s tens were good for a double after Festia’s big slick didn’t connect with the 528J4 runout.

Jonathan Briscoe White – 130,000
Mattia Festia – 60,000

Jonathan Briscoe White sweating a massive flip

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