“I Just Want to Play the Turbo”

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 139/337

Morgan Montceau opened for 5,500 from the hijack before Johannes Duesing three-bet jammed for 72,500 from the cutoff. Montceau asked for a count before he called.

“I just want to play the turbo,” said Deusing before turning his cards over referring to the final Day 1e flight running now.

Johannes Deusing: 75
Morgan Montceau: AQ

We aren’t exactly sure why Deusing blew up his stack but both his cards were still live. However, he bricked the K2839 board and ran off to try to advance through the Day 1e flight instead.

Morgan Montceau – 400,000
Johannes Deusing – 0

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