“I Really Love My Sevens”

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 131/330

Albert Coppens limped from early position. Ilana Belsky limped behind from the button before Nikola Minovic jammed from the blinds.

Coppens called and a few moments later Belsky folded.

“Let’s gamble!” said Coppens with excitement as the cards were turned over.

Nikola Minovic: A3
Albert Coppens: 77

Minovic was unable to get ahead of his opponent’s sevens on the 9Q876 and was on the rail.

“I really love my sevens,” Coppens commented to the table after the hand. “That’s the fourth time I have had them.”

Meanwhile, last Autumn’s MPF Grand Event champion Mirko Mostaccio is at the same table. He is off to a good start in his quest to defend his title with a stack of 150,000.

Albert Coppens – 250,000
Mirko Mostaccio – 150,000
Ilana Belsky – 145,000
Nikola Minovic – 0

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