“I Thought You Might Have That”

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 181/237

Karl Linder jammed into a pot north of 30,000 with the 281049 on the board after the turn. Mikael Skantze went into the tank before he called.

Linder turned over the A4 for the nut flush.

“I thought you might have that,” said Skantze as he mucked his hand.

A player at the table spoke up about how it was an ‘all-in and a call’ and the cards were retrieved from the muck showing Skantz held the 85 before he left the table.

Karl Linder – 100,000
Mikael Skantze – 0

Mikael Skantze, Giuseppe Palmisano, and Karl Linder

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