Iannaco Wins Big Flip Against Leinarts

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 121/254

A raising war took place between Davide Iannaco and Rick Leinarts. Iannaco three-bet the pot to 13,000 when we caught up with the action. Leinarts four-bet to 36,000 and Iannaco five-bet to 80,000 with just 22,000 back. Leinarts six-bet jammed for more than that and Iannaco snap-called.

Davide Iannaco: AK
Rick Leinarts: QQ

“Good luck,” Leinarts said to Iannaco.

Iannaco got all the luck he needed right away to win the flip after his king connected with the 8K7 flop. The 3 turn and 5 river didn’t push Leinarts back ahead and he was low on chips after doubling up Iannaco.

Davide Iannaco – 215,000
Rick Leinarts – 18,000

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