“If You Want to Go All-in, Let’s Go All-in”

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 200/225

Albert Sapiano continues to build his stack. While we don’t know what he had in the following hand, the table talk and the chip acceleration appear to be going hand-in-hand.

Angelo Giannotti bet 1,500 into a pot of around 3,000 after the 25K came on the flop. Sapiano raised to 7,000 and Giannotti went into the tank.

“I am happy to take 15 hundred,” Sapiano said referring to just taking the hand down right there before he added. “If you want to go, let’s go all-in.”

Giannotti tanked a bit more before he gave up on the hand.

Albert Sapiano – 95,000
Angelo Giannotti – 30,000

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