“I’m Back!”

Nizar Abudaoud bet 6,000 into a pot of around 15,000 after the 89J appeared on the flop. Seamus McGilligan raised to 30,000, which was more than the two other players had in their hand. Stephen Goose got out of the way while Abudaoud snap-called.

Nizar Abudaoud: QJ
Seamus McGilligan: A7

Abudaoud had to sweat a flush draw with his top pair, which improved to two pair on the Q turn. The 8 river completed the board to secure Abudaoud’s double-up.

“Yes!” shouted Abudaoud. “I’m back in it! Come on!”

Seamus McGilligan – 80,000
Nizar Abudaoud – 70,000

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