Kalinowski Ousts Joyce

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 207/330

There wasn’t much in the pot when a raising war took place between Daniel Kalinowski and Philip Joyce.

Kalinowski bet 2,000 into a small pot after the 102Q came on the flop. Joyce jacked it up to 7,000. Kalinowski three-bet to 17,000 before Joyce jammed it in for about 24,000. Kalinowski called and the players showed their hands.

Philip Joyce: K10
Daniel Kalinowski: Q9

It was more or less a coin flip with Kalinowski holding the top pair and Joyce holding both the middle pair and a flush draw. Both players also held different open-ended straight draws after the [jc] followed on the turn.

The [kd] river improved Joyce to two pair. However, this completed Kalinowski’s straight to send Joyce to the rail.

Daniel Kalinowski – 120,000
Philip Joyce – 0

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