Karl Sepp Wins the Fancy Dress Award

Players are on a 15-minute break. We caught up with Estonia’s Karl Sepp, who we haven’t seen since the pandemic. He has about 75,000 on Day 1d but this isn’t why he gets a special mention.

Sepp easily gets the fanciest dress-up award if we had one. I will make one up and award it to him.

“You are dressed to the nines today, old friend,” this reporter said.

“It’s more like a six,” replied Sepp. “I am saving my really fancy clothes for the final table.”

Sepp shared he started the day with an Espresso Martini and has a fancy bottle of Prosecco in front of him now.

We wish Sepp the best of luck in his journey and will ask our official photographers to grab a better photo than we were able to take.

Karl Sepp
Karl Sepp

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