Kassouf (and his Stack) are Hungover

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 291/428

William Kassouf has been unusually quietly battling in the Grand Event. The grind part isn’t the unusual part, but the usual banter and “nine-high like a boss” and “coconuts” aren’t in the repertoire today.

Kassouf explained that may have enjoyed last night’s players’ party on Level 22 and shared he is “severely hungover.”

His stack is hungover too as it is down from the 50,000 starting stack to just 12,500.

“What will you do if you bust, will you get back in tonight?” Kassouf.

“I need to see how I feel,” Kassouf replied. “I am extremely hungover and will either hop back in today or tomorrow morning.”

A quiet hungover Kassouf leads to a hungover and small stack. Let’s see what tomorrow (or later today) might bring for Kassouf when he feels more himself.

William Kassouf (and his stack) are hungover

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