Kuhlman Ousts Giuliani With Big Slick

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 101/254

Gianluigi Giuliani opened for 7,500 from early position and was called by Julius Julenius from the cutoff and Chris Da Silva from the button before Daniel Kuhlmann three-bet to 32,000. Giuliani four-bet jammed for about 75,000. Julenius and Da Silva folded. Kuhlmann opted to call and Giuliani was at risk.

Gianluigi Giuliani: A5
Daniel Kuhlmann: AK

Giuliani was drawing to a pair of runners after the 3KJ flop paired up Kuhlmann’s king. The 4 turn was one potential out as Giuliana now had a four-outer to a wheel draw. No magic happened for Giuliani as the 3 river and he was eliminated from Day 1b.

Daniel Kuhlmann – 300,000
Gianluigi Giuliani – 0

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