Kwiatkowski Wins a Flip Against Babatie

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 114/252

Hendrik Kwiatkowski three-bet jammed for 36,000 and was called by Andrei Babatie.

Hendrik Kwiatkowski: 66
Andrei Babatie: KQ

Kwiatkowski was ahead on the 747 flop and had Babatie drawing dead on the 6 turn.

Babatie began to push his stack forward to Kwiatkowski.

“Wait,” said the dealer before dealing the 3 river. “Flush,” the dealer said.

Several players had a laugh with the dealer as it was late in the day and easy to miss that the board paired for anyone looking at it quickly. The dealer quickly realized that Kwiatkowski did indeed double and a big smile grew on his face as a result.

Andrei Babatie – 110,000
Hendrik Kwiatkowski – 80,000

Hendrik Kwiatkowski smiles after winning a flip

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