La Verdera Ousts Maciej With Aces Vs. Queen

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 151/154

Maciej Toma was the first player to hit the rail. He was soon followed by Attila Erdei and Morten Bremseth to bring three players out in a hurry.

Toma’s hand was an interesting one, especially with the dynamic that if not for a card accidentally flipped over he would have had a queen in his hand.

Miguel Cuevas Fernandez opened the action from under the gun before Toma three-bet before Salvatore La Vardera four-bet to 7,000. Fernandez got out of the way before Toma five-bet jammed in around a starting stack. La Vardera snapped it off and turned over aces.

Toma showed kings and the board ran dry for the cowboys to send Toma out first on Day 1c.

“It was interesting as he would have had king-queen and not been involved in the hand,” shared a couple of players at the table.

That’s poker sometimes as cards are accidentally exposed at every table at every event big or small. What happens usually is that the card is shown to the table and then included as the burn card before the flop. The card that would have been a burn card, in this case a king, is substituted in. It is perfectly random and just unfortunate for Toma that it improved him to the second-best starting hand in hold’em only to run into La Vardera’s best starting hand.

Salvatore La Vardera – 100,000
Maciej Toma – 0
Attila Erdei – 0
Morten Bremseth – 0

Salvatore La Vardera

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