Lind Shows His Suited “Robbi Lew”

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 175/212

Totti Lind provided tons of entertainment yesterday with his strawberry cream cheese pie prop bet with Lee Colfer. Both Colfer and Lind did have fun but were unable to find a bag yesterday. Both are back at it today in hopes of a better result.

Lind is still having fun, but this time with the cards rather than with the pies.

In a recent hand, Rimko Meijer opened for 1,300 from under the gun. Chris Da Silva three-bet to 3,500 from the hijack. Totti Lind four-bet to 10,500. Meijer and Da Silva didn’t waste too much time before they folded.

Lind opted to show the table what he is capable of and flashed the J4.

We aren’t sure if Lind flashed this in reference to the Robbi Jade Lew controversy that took place at the end of last year in a hand against Garrett Adelson where Lew called for a big pot in a televised cash game with jack-four. Lind was a bit stronger as his “Robbi Lew” was suited.

Totti Lind – 120,000
Chris Da Silva – 110,000
Rimko Meijer – 50,000

Totti Lind
Totti Lind

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