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Lewis Coffin Wins 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event (€100,600)

By Jason Glatzer | May 2, 2023 12:06 am

Lewis Coffin Wins 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event

After more than nine hours of play on the final day, Scotland’s Lewis Coffin defeated Lithuania’s Martynas Brazdzionis heads-up to win the 2023 Malta Poker Festival €550 Grand Event powered by Unibet DeepStack Open at the luxurious Portomaso Casino for €100,600.

Coffin began in the bottom third of the pack out of the 18 hopefuls to advance to the final day. He was even short at one point early on at the final table and could have easily been out the door but his queen-nine got there with his short stack against the ace-five to double through La Sengphet.

This was easily the largest cash for Coffin who came into the Malta Poker Festival with a shade over $33,000 in cashes as tracked by The Hendon Mob, of which more than $21,000 came in a tournament in London earlier this month.

The Grand Event (and the entire festival) lived up to its name as it was truly grand. The €300,000 guarantee slapped on this event was absolutely shattered by nearly double with 1,226 entries coming out in full force to create a huge €588,480 prize pool.

MPF Spring Edition Grand Event Final Table Payouts

1Lewis CoffinUnited Kingdom€100,600
2Martynas BrazdzionisLithuania€75,690
3Oliver SaidMalta€55,420
4Angelo PataneItaly€37,400
5Kjetil HanstvedtNorway€20,150
6La SengphetUnited States€14,850
7Tomasz CabaPoland€11,400
8Fabio AprileItaly€9,050
9Joszef HegyiHungary€7,550
2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event Final Table

Final Day Action

Martynas Brazdzionis

The action was down to just 18 hopefuls on the final day in the hunt for the title, each locking up at least €3,350. Brazdzionis held a commanding chip lead to start the day and never looked back until there were just three players left.

His lead was maintained while Paolo Aleo, Arnaud Cressent, Michael Gavurnik, Chris Da Silva, Maik Buss, Salvatore Ritrovato, and Lasse Jacobsen all hit the rail.

Brazdzionis then ousted both Vlad Ardeneanu and Raoul van Wersch to extend his lead to one-third of the chips in play with the final table set to begin.

It continued to be all Brazdzionis early at the final table as well. His Lithuanian rail instantly grew and his lead grew as well as he sent both Fabio Aprile (eighth – €9,050) and Unibet Poker qualifier Joszef Hegyi (ninth – €7,550) to the rail in succession. Check out the interview below with Hegyi, who has qualified four times for UDSO packages at Unibet Poker by Unibet DeepStack Open founder Alex Henry.

Brazdzionis’ elimination streak came to an end with Oliver Said sending Tomasz Caba (seventh – €11,400) to the rail when his queen ten proved to be good again ace-deuce.

As we already mentioned, Coffin could have then easily been out against Sengphet, which took place the last hand before the dinner break. Sengphet was a little late coming back as the short-stack and nearly laddered up in the process but Said earned a chop with ace-seven against Coffin’s ace-ten suited to stay alive. Shortly after, Coffin continued to move up the ranks by eliminating the short-stack Sengphet in sixth place for €14,850 when his queen-trey held against five-four.

La Sengphet

Kjetil Hanstvedt then took a small chink out of the armor of Brazdzionis to double his stack with fours against big slick. His survival actually created a viral hand shortly after.

Said got it in with jacks against Hanstvedt’s pocket rockets and asked for a jack. Instead of one jack, two jacks came on the flop but he wasn’t out of the woods yet as Hanstvedt improved to a full house when an ace came on the turn. The fourth ace didn’t show its face on the river and Handstvedt soon was eliminated by Said in fifth place for €20,150 when his nines were no good against ten-trey with the jack-seven-six flop. Said hit two runners for a straight and was close to the chip lead.

Meanwhile, Brazdzionis continued to accumulate chips and had two-thirds of the chips in play after he eliminated the short-stacked Angelo Patane (fourth – €37,400) when his queen-jack held against queen-eight.

The players then discussed a deal but nobody appeared to be happy with the numbers. So the action went on and no deal was discussed the rest of the way.

The tides turned, mostly in favor of Coffin, shortly after that. Coffin first won a flip for his tournament life when his fives were good against Said’s ace-jack. He then took the chip lead and never looked back. Coffin jammed the river with the nut flush with ace-jack suited and doubled through Brazdzionis after his opponent called with a lower flush with six-trey suited.

Brazdzionis was the short stack with under 15 big blinds when Said decided to make a move. He jammed with king-queen on a ten-nine-deuce flop. Coffin woke up with cowboys and Said won the third-place trophy along with a tasty €55,420 top prize.

Oliver Said wins the third-place 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event trophy

The final duo went on a short break with Coffin holding a massive 8:1 chip advantage over Brazdzionis. The heads-up battle was over before it began lasting just one hand. Coffin jammed the button with king-six and eliminated Brazdzionis in second place for €75,690 after his hand held against jack-ten.

A massive congrats to Lewis Coffin on his amazing MPF Grand Event victory for €100,600!

It’s been an absolute pleasure reporting the MPF Grand Event all week and we look forward to seeing you again! À bientôt!

Photos of the Final Three

By Jason Glatzer | May 1, 2023 11:17 pm

Check out the last batch of photos from the 2023 Malta Poker Festival Grand Event powered by Unibet DeepStack Open.

Full 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event Payouts

By Jason Glatzer | May 1, 2023 10:38 pm

1Lewis Coffin€100,600
2Martynas Brazdzionis€75,690
3Oliver Said€55,420
4Angelo Patane€37,400
5Kjetil Hanstvedt€20,150
6La Sengphet€14,850
7Tomasz Caba€11,400
8Fabio Aprile€9,050
9Joszef Hegyi€7,550
10Vlad Ardeleanu€6,150
11Raoul van Wersch€6,150
12Paolo Aleo€5,050
13Arnaud Cressent€5,050
14Michal Gavurnik€4,150
15Chris Da Silva€4,150
16Maik Buss€3,350
17Salvatore Ritrovato€3,350
18Lasse Jacobsen€3,350
19Shaun Halliday€3,350
20Alessandro Furneri€3,350
21Lars Eriksson€2,820
22Serguei Skrypnikov Laviolle€2,820
23Humberto Galindo€2,820
24Bogdan Juc€2,820
25William McMurray€2,820
26Jostein Groedum€2,820
27Alex Montgomery€2,470
28Antonino Karman€2,470
29Michal Kulesza€2,470
30Marko Luksa€2,470
31Jonathan Therme€2,470
32Vincenzo Scarcella€2,470
33Scott Roberts€2,470
34Louis Le Boisselier€2,470
35Ulf Andersson€2,470
36Lucien Jouanneau€2,170
37Cedric Offner€2,170
38Christopher Collins€2,170
39Joaquim Ferriera€2,170
40Koen Meutstege€2,170
41Mikael Bjertrup€2,170
42Fabrizio Nobile€2,170
43Antonio Chille€2,170
44Erik Lindqwist€2,170
45Andrei Mjagkov€1,920
46Manoj Navani€1,920
47Paul Young€1,920
48Noel Studer€1,920
49Rauno Kiviloo€1,920
50Giovanni Nava€1,920
51Chen Keren€1,920
52Robert Boon€1,920
53Daniel Toffel€1,920
54Kerryjane Craigie€1,720
55Georgios Georgiou€1,720
56Ian Gascoigne€1,720
57Peter Kaspar€1,720
58Thomas Hofmann€1,720
59Damir Savio€1,720
60Thomas Petit€1,720
61Torben Krogh€1,720
62Olga Liscsinzky€1,720
63Presiyan Tsvetanov€1,720
64Kevin Houghton€1,720
65Salvatore Incardona€1,720
66Guiseppe Loreto€1,720
67Daniel Spavin-Haigh€1,720
68Simon Taylor€1,720
69Theo Schmitt€1,720
70Corentin Viaud€1,720
71Serdar Demircan€1,720
72Dost Ghrabie€1,520
73Johannes Grootelaar€1,520
74Edward Chun Ho Yam€1,520
75Paul Maguire€1,520
76Daro Berisa€1,520
77Jemery Bametz€1,520
78Emil Karhu€1,520
79Zaheer Zeb€1,520
80Stepan Brychta€1,520
81Roland Boothby€1,520
82Erik Ostergaard€1,520
83James Thody€1,520
84Attila Kassitzky€1,520
85Maciej Toma€1,520
86Daniele Staropoli€1,520
87Benjamin Rensen€1,520
88Ertan Cicekdemir€1,520
89David Ozmen€1,520
90Sjoerd Nikkels€1,320
91Santaluna Baldassare€1,320
92Daoud Abu€1,320
93Kaspar Schmid€1,320
94Liwei Wang€1,320
95Fabio Coppola€1,320
96Amber Glasby€1,320
97Per Moller€1,320
98Aurelien Giard€1,320
99Katie Swift€1,320
100Pieter Koedijk€1,320
101Philip Roberts€1,320
102Fabio Sturba€1,320
103Thomas Lowter€1,320
104Marian Ivanov€1,320
105Pavle Pecelj€1,320
106Yannick Rohrbach€1,320
107Eduardo Terrivel€1,320
108Leon Campbell€1,320
109Fabian Fleischmann€1,320
110Antonios Onourfriou€1,320
111Luke Pace€1,320
112Robert Teunissen€1,320
113Anastasios Apostolou€1,320
114Firat Cankaya€1,320
115Dejan Dabetic€1,320
116Grant Pirie€1,120
117Robrecht Winterink€1,120
118Arn Kungl€1,120
119Ashley Wilson€1,120
120Callum Gordon€1,120
121Torsten Riedl€1,120
122Kaloyan Kirov€1,120
123Anthony Whalley€1,120
124Massimo Bruno€1,120
125Mantas Petrauskas€1,120
126Michael Frost€1,120
127Fraser Mackenze€1,120
128Paolo Rando€1,120
129Andrew Cutajar€1,120
130Giulio Spaminato€1,120
131Rob van Embden€1,120
132Jonathan Schuman€1,120
133Anton Shroter€1,120
134Matthew Adams€1,120
135Ian Swan€1,120
136Boris Zismanov€1,120
137Julien Gadanho€1,120
138Nicky Molmans€1,120
139Thomas Steedman€1,120
140Giuseppe Signorelli€1,120
141Oscar Arezzo€1,120
142Samuel Biland€1,120
143Olav Kok€1,120
144Raimondo Marcello€1,120
145Thibault Branly€1,120
146Andrei Musat€1,120
147Nauseda Grazvydas€1,120
148Daniel Kuhlmann€1,120
149Lars Halkier€1,120
150Joseph East€1,120
151Ivan Picavet€1,120

Martynas Brazdzionis Eliminated in 2nd Place (€75,690)

By Jason Glatzer | May 1, 2023 10:37 pm

Level 34: 300,000/600,000 (600,000)
Entries: 1/1,226

Heads-up action lasted exactly one hand. Lewis Coffin jammed the button before Martynas Brazdzionis called off his stack of 12 big blinds.

Martynas Brazdzionis: J10
Lewis Coffin: K6

A crowd consisting of both players’ rails gathered around the table as soon as the cards were turned over.

Coffin was ahead on the 287 flop but Brazdzionis had both of his over-cards and the nine for a straight alive.

“Don’t look,” shouted the Lithuanian rail. “Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine!”

No nine came on either the 3 turn or the 5 river and neither of these cards helped in any other way for Brazdzilionis to fall one player shy of winning the title after having the chip lead most of the final day.

Congrats to Lewis Coffin for winning the 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event powered by the Unibet DeepStack Open for €100,600!

Stay tuned for the full payouts and the recap of the final day.

Martynas Brazdzionis

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