Martynas Brazdzionis Eliminated in 2nd Place (€75,690)

Level 34: 300,000/600,000 (600,000)
Entries: 1/1,226

Heads-up action lasted exactly one hand. Lewis Coffin jammed the button before Martynas Brazdzionis called off his stack of 12 big blinds.

Martynas Brazdzionis: J10
Lewis Coffin: K6

A crowd consisting of both players’ rails gathered around the table as soon as the cards were turned over.

Coffin was ahead on the 287 flop but Brazdzionis had both of his over-cards and the nine for a straight alive.

“Don’t look,” shouted the Lithuanian rail. “Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine!”

No nine came on either the 3 turn or the 5 river and neither of these cards helped in any other way for Brazdzilionis to fall one player shy of winning the title after having the chip lead most of the final day.

Congrats to Lewis Coffin for winning the 2023 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event powered by the Unibet DeepStack Open for €100,600!

Stay tuned for the full payouts and the recap of the final day.

Martynas Brazdzionis

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