“Maybe Another Flush?”

Level 29: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)
Entries: 8/1,226

La Sengphet opened for 450,000 from early position. Martynas Brazdzionis three-bet to 1,050,000 from the big blind. Sengphet jammed for 7 million and Brazdzionis snap-called.

La Sengphet: KK
Martynas Brazdzionis: KK

“Maybe a flush is coming again,” joked Lewis Coffin.

“No!!!!” responded Sengphet before she asked for some hearts.

The drama was over from here with a rainbow flop and both players chopped up the pot.

Martynas Brazdzionis – 24 million
La Sengphet – 7.5 million

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