Missions Accomplish for the “Lord of the Pies”

We have an update you were curious how Lee Colfer got on with his five strawberry cream cheese pie challenge issued to him by Totti Lind. Let’s just say Colfer was both a winner and a loser by eating all five pies in one blind level with eight minutes to spare.

“I feel sick,” Colfer shared with us. “I got the pie sweat but got the job done.”

“And you got a new nickname,” said Mark Berman from a table nearby. “Lord of the Pies!”

Colfer seemed comfortable with the new nickname and can walk off the added pie calories with a 75-minute dinner break coming in less than an hour.

We asked Lind if it was mission accomplished and he agreed before adding:

“To be fair, I only saw him eat four pies,” Lind said with a mischievous smile. “But I trust the guy.”

We wish Lind and Colfer the best of luck at the tables and Colfer some good digestion of eating a massive amount of desert treats before the dinner break.

Lee Colfer Wins the Pie Challenge
Lee Colfer Wins the Pie Challenge

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