More Than a Hondo in the Satellite

The €70 satellite for the MPF €550 Grand Event just kicked off. There are already 107 entries, meaning nearly a dozen seats are already on the line with more to come.

Christina Read just dropped by our desk (we will get a new photo of her and her amazing chip protector when she is back in the Grand Event) sharing with us how her second bullet ran out on a bad beat.

She shared she lost her first lost her first bullet when her ace-king suited didn’t win a flip against tens. The next one was a bit dirtier as there were two kings on the board after the turn when she got it in with king-jack against king-eight. Guess what came on the river? Unfortunately for Read, it was an eight and now she is going to try to win a seat in the satellite and either way get back into the Grand Event on a future opening flight.

Andrea getting ready for the MPF Grand Event satellite

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